One of the costs of the DPJ programming model (in exchange for the determinism benefit) is the overhead of writing the DPJ type and effect annotations.  We are developing an annotation inference tool called DPJizer, implemented as an Eclipse plugin, to help reduce that cost.

The current version of DPJizer, described in our ASE 2009 paper, infers method effect summaries:  programmers write DPJ regions and types, and the tool automatically infers the effects of methods using a whole-program constraint-based analysis.  It is anticipated that future versions of DPJizer will infer additional DPJ annotations.

Download Instructions

You can install DPJizer by following the instructions on the DPJizer wiki.

The source code of DPJizer is available on GitHub.


DPJizer is licensed under the University of Illinois/NCSA Open Source License. It also depends on other projects that are released under different licenses. Please see the file LICENSE.txt in the main directory for further detail.

Deterministic Parallel Java:  DPJizer

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